About Skiggle

Skiggle is a self-funded, non-profit on-line community that was launched 17.08.16 by a mother whose young son, with Cerebral Palsy is the inspiration behind the idea.

Learn more about Skiggle through this link to our 'That's Lancashire' TV interview

Our aim is to help people, of all ages, who are involved with disabilities either in a personal or professional capacity. Our primary goal is to create a mutual support network for users to provide each other with practical help.

We achieve this through the creation of an online SOS solution system for care-based essentials where members can request immediate assistance in unforeseen circumstances.

What this website currently aims to provide

An SOS solution for care-based essentials* - many of the individuals who come into contact with disabilities have a significant store of what can be described as consumables (such as feeding accessories, specialised food, breathing apparatus and continence products) AND have also been in a situation where a vital consumable is missing. The idea is to create a network of individuals willing to help others by providing missing consumables, free of charge, from their own (surplus) stock, in times of need.

A marketplace feature* - users can donate or buy/sell items pertaining to a wealth of disabilities. This feature also includes our bereavement angel; an icon that users can select if they are using the site due to personal loss.

* you need to be a registered member in order to use this feature

What we do and why we do it

Unfortunately, finding and accessing services and equipment often associated with disability can be very challenging (from both the public and private sector). It is, for example, a sad reality that the NHS can’t always provide support, especially when it is needed unexpectedly.

We aim to encourage parents, carers and individuals who exist within the world of disability to support one another when professional services cannot, and address the issue of being left without something essential.

What this website aims to provide in the future

The following future website features can currently be found on our facebook page

A review forum for various care-based essentials and their associated services.

Help and support forums that will provide a variety of open chat spaces for users to:

discuss and explore personal challenges and experiences faced when accessing relevant services and products

review areas of specific interest including:

  • changing place facilities
  • places to visit (days out and/or holidays)
  • care agencies and employment experiences

Skiggle can only be successful if we create a community of people willing to share their experiences and to offer help. We really believe we could make a big difference and begin to improve the standards of the products and services we receive. please help and sign up today!

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