Our Story

Welcome to Skiggle

My name is Christine. I am a busy mum of three children, our eldest of whom is profoundly disabled, and who is the inspiration behind the creation of Skiggle.

The story began when our family went on holiday for a few days. After packing the normal things that every family needs - clothes, food, and the buckets & spades - and then everything that our young man needed, including medication, continence products, syringes, breathing equipment, slings, portable hoist, indoor supported seat, tracheostomy, splints, the normal ton of extra clothes for the inevitable mishaps and the kitchen sink - we set off for our few days away.

We were having a brilliant time, but suddenly I realised that I had forgotten to pack a box of milk feed; feed that our son is reliant upon and imminently needed. What do we do now? I rang the out-of-hours doctor who assured me that she would be able to get me the feed we needed. However, three hours later she informed me that she had been unsuccessful and that our “only option was to either drive home or put our son into a regional children’s hospital!” So, as to avoid unnecessary risk of infection, we felt our only option was for one of us to leave our family and drive home.

This experience gave my husband and me reason for thought; if only there was a warehouse that stored everything you could possibly need, open and accessible any time of the day or night. But where would this be located, as no one location would be suitable for all?

Then, we had a light bulb moment… many of the people who have additional needs have a ‘warehouse’ at home whether it’s in the garage, shed or a spare room. Someone somewhere could have almost certainly helped us, they could have lent us some feed to tide us over, and we could someday have returned the favour.

Skiggle is about sharing in times of need.

ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER! The idea of Skiggle's SOS service is that everyone signs up to helping someone in need for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. Clearly we are not expecting anyone to try and profit from the provision of this service.

Please help us to help others.

Thank you,

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